Reviews for Jack Gates

Reviews for Jack Gates


" I love his playing and his Brazilian touch is brilliant... "

Saul Zavarce,  106.7 PBS FM Melbourne - Australia


" The Northern California guitarist/composer showcases his mastery of classical, Brazilian, Latin, flamenco and pop guitar on his latest recording, Earth Messenger . "

Matt Blackett,  Frets Magazine


"Tremendous show last night--lit us all up.  Excellent composing!!!!!   I'm a big/big fan.  Kudos for ending the Parlor series on a very high note."

Don Villa, California concert promoter


" Boulevard is such a wonderful recording. "

Renee Gelpi,  Galaxie CBC's Continuous Music Network


" Soothing wordless vocals by Sharyl Gates combine with the leader's acoustic guitar for a mixture of lyrical refrains that do, indeed, prove sensual and totally at ease. "

review of Earth Messenger by Cadence Magazine


"....surprising expertise, which reveals an uncommon mastery of the instrument, creating emotionally intense and original instances, floating casually and with intelligence, in the colors and tones. "

review of Boulevard by Fabrizio Ciccarelli -  jazzitialia. net


"Jack Gates simply gets the best sound out of a guitar.  It is outstanding and he is consistently musical in his approach and execution."

Marc Silber


"The two songs by Jack Gates were like short films at some exotic foreign festival.  With their cascading melodies and exotic flavor, these songs unfolded with intrigue.  We look forward to Jack's return.'

Robert Sherman, Strings Acoustic Showcase 


"Jack Gates is one of my favorite musicians of any style or any instrument.  When I am going to hear him play I know I am guaranteed a most memorable event of great emotional, sensual and intellectual excitement and depth." 

Phillip Rosheger